Sunday, August 29, 2010

Proposed Team Uniform

Road safety rule number 1: need to be seen!


Always a good idea to do some research!

Our Inspiration

Mr. Liu is the president of Giant Bicycle in Taiwan. He rode around the island at age 73. Since we are younger than him, I guess we should be able to do it too!

Friday, August 27, 2010


Ben is preparing for a sprint triathlon on September 12,2010. That includes biking.

Ester is going to start biking in October when it is cooler in Taipei.

Milo started riding his bike from home to work.

Preliminary Plan

Day 1

台北-新竹 ( 1 Hr train )
新竹(海岸自行車道)-大山火車站 ( 2 Hrs 35 mins /37 Km bike)
大山-田中(2 Hrs train )

Day 2

田中-二水火車站 ( 2H30M /35 km bike )
二水-台南 ( 2H train )

Day 3

台南-高雄(4H / 60 km bike)

Day 4

逛高雄 ~~ 今天不騎車
高雄-台東 (2H39M train )

Day 5

台東-成功 ( 4H / 60 km bike )

Day 6

成功-石梯漁港 ( 4H / 60 km bike )

Day 7

石梯漁港-花蓮 ( 4H /60 km bike )

Day 8

花蓮-台北 (3H train )

How to plan

1) read blog - which place I want to visit
2) map - from where to where,kilometer
3) excel sheet- input transportation/route etc
4) check train schedule

What next...
1) check the rental shop of each city
2) check platform of train station, do they have elevator ? do I need to carry the bike upstair ?
3) accommodation

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Story begin

Story begin on 7/22/2010 when Ester tell Ben that a Japanese guy biking Taiwan for 15 days that was posted on the newspaper,she ask Ben to challenge this guy


This is the reason why I chose train/bike around Taiwan for my 50th birthday gift.

The Grand Project

I cannot remember exactly how this trip planning got started. In the last 2 months, Ester, Milo and I started planning for a trip around Taiwan by train and bike.

I think the inital plan was making a trip around Taiwan by bike. But considering our time restraints and physical ability, we decided to compromise.

The plan is to start from Taipei, going counter-clockwise, down to Kaoshiong, then to Taitong. We will bike a few times between Taipei and Kaoshiong. The distance of biking will depend on how we feel by that time. We will bike for 3 days between Taitong and Hualien. Then, return to Taipei by train.

For now, we are looking at September of 2011.