Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Day 5.17

"Wait, wait... I thought the trip is over. Why are you guys checking out the hotel?"
ssshhh...this is our little secret. Please do not tell our spouse. We are planning on our next biking trip. Taitung to Kaoshiong. Coming 2013!

Day 5.16

Mission Accomplished!!! A family biking reunion, months in the making, a great bonding time, a safe and fun trip!!!

Day 5.15

Contrary to the reports or complaints about the railway services, the staff at the station were very nice and helpful. Thank you!

Day 5.14

Mission almost accomplished! It would have been nice if we could say that we rode all the way to Taitung City. But all things considered, this was already quite an accomplishment!

Day 5.13

It was all about timing. We got to the station right in time for a train bound for Taitung City. Sweet!

Day 5.12

An interesting number!

Day 5.11

It seems that flora expo is becoming a trend within the region. This is Guanshan's Flora Expo. We were in a hurry to go to the train station, so we just took some pictures by the road. The priority was to check the train schedule. We need a train which will allow us to transport our bikes to Taitung City.

Day 5.10

Another river, another bridge, another climb!

Day 5.9

Flower, flower and flowers everywhere!!!

Day 5.8

Milo and I went to the Taipei International Flora Expo the day before our trip. There was a crowd and an entrance fee. Here at Chihshang's Flora Expo, no lines, no fee. Just bring your camera and a big big smile!

Day 5.7

On our way to the Floral Expo of Chihshang, we came across this creative display. In those five days, I was impressed by the artistic creations along our route. That is another benefit of traveling on bike, we can encouter beautiful presentations like this which can be easily missed if we were on other means of transportation!

Day 5.6

My job as the "official photographer" of the trip was to ride ahead of Ester and Milo, or stay behind them. By the way, some of the pictures in this blog were taken by Milo. Since I took many scenes along the highway, I decided to stay behind here and took some pictures within the town proper.

Day 5.5

Chihshang is well known for its rice. It has its beautiful temple built within the rice field. If you have good rice, then you have good bento! We tried the bento, even though we just ate less than an hour ago! We even ordered our dinner. Since we will be passing by Chihshang again on our way back to Taipei, we made our order. The store employee will wait for us outside our train. Guess what, they were there right on time! So, we had bento for brunch and bento for dinner. It followed the major theme of this trip, isn't? Bike, eat, bike!

Day 5.4

Smile! You are on candid camera!

Day 5.3

We made it to Taitung County! We were not that far from it the day before. If it were not because of the rain, we would have made it to Chihshang.

Day 5.2

Ester and Milo were in good spirits until the last day! I am impressed with their efforts. They just started getting into an exercise routine a few months ago.

Day 5: April 5, 2011 Fuli to Taitung

We started the last day with the most important part of the trip, eat! Even though we have a deadline that day, meaning catching a train back to Taipei at 4 pm, we still leisurely had our breakfast. I also went to Seven to buy my favorite beverage and Milo's favorite snack!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Day 4.13

We got to the town of Fuli. We stopped by the gas station and asked if there was any pension in the area. The gentleman said that he could help us inquire. He did. We found the place near a Seven. Surprise! The place was clean. We walked around the neighborhood looking for food. Eventually we settled for our favorite place, Seven.